Minecraft Server Marketing

So... how do i get more players?

You didn't actually think PUSCraft was just another lousy Minecraft Server list website, did ya?

We know that every server whether new or old needs marketing to stay afloat above the rest, but sometimes it feels like your server just doesn't seem to get the recognition it truly deserves. You may feel as if you have tried just about everything but you just can't seem to get more players to join your wonderful community that you have put in countless hours just to see it... well... empty.

Here's the thing...

A lot of advice out there tells you that you need to spam... well not "spam" exactly but post your server on a ton of Minecraft List websites and the rest will figure itself out. Well, that may have worked 8 years ago but the truth is that times have changed and with change follows marketing tactics. Now, we're not saying that posting your server on just one more Minecraft List won't help you at all - it will. However, if its a long time server list website, you are probably going to see your server listing on page 4000... doesn't sound good does it?

Ah! You may have also been told to "just get an influencer" or "find a popular YouTuber". Good luck with that... Influencers are often pretty hard to get in touch with and if you ever do manage to get in touch with one - will they even bother sponsoring your server?

At this point you may be asking yourself - What the heck do i do now? How can i get more players when MineSuperior is bidding $13k on server list auctions? (We're not kidding...)

Minesuperior don't play games


Now you may have been approached before by some people on Discord promising you sooooo many players by just... buying an Ad from them. Watch your Discord grow over night! Look! My Discord users say they play Minecraft! Buy an Ad NOW! (for the low low price of $30 for a 2 day Ad...)

Do you play Minecraft?

The thing about these "Advertisers" on Discord is that they do get Discord users on your Discord server. But will they actually play on your Minecraft server?


As God as my witness... I, "block_wiz", have tried 2-3 of these "advertisements" and not a single person actually joined my Minecraft server when it was operational. In fact, ~90% of these people remained offline after joining!

Now, how can this be possible? How is it that 150-300 people joined my Discord and none of them joined my Minecraft server?

The way these "Ads" work is that they host Nitro or some sort of giveaway on the Discord server but, in order to enter the giveaway... members have to join... YOUR Discord server!

Discord Giveaways

I mean just look at that Online to Members ratio...

So the real reason you got Discord members was because they wanted to join some giveaway, not because they wanted to check out your lovely community. Bottom line is that these "Ads" usually don't work in your favor and just like that you're out $30... great...

So... now what?

I want you to imagine what you want your server to look like a month from now, maybe even several months in the future.

Wouldn't you love to have many players? Perhaps a full lobby with donations coming in left and right. But how can you get there?

This is where PUSCraft wants to help you, getting the server of your dreams. Seeing your lovely community grow naturally and healthy by getting your name out there for the whole world to see. Being able to log in and see your community having a great time and inviting friends to come have fun with them.

Instead of dealing with headaches of trying to figure out this tricky system of attracting players, let us take that off your shoulders and give you some air to breathe.

The server you always wanted is not that far fetched at all and this is where PUSCraft comes in.

Wait wait wait... it sounds like you're trying to sell me an Ad now...

Marketing is not just some Ad that you stick to a wall and come back 2 days later to take it down. PUSCraft actively markets your community to different media platforms for maximum exposure. All of the dirty work you would otherwise have to do and figure out for yourself, we take care of it with our routines that have been found to be pretty effective. We create attractive and unique posts to win the attention of a lot of players that are just searching and searching for a nice server to join for once.

How can we help?

PUSCraft currently offers 2 plans for bringing in more daily potential players for your server.

Iron Plan




  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • instagram

Ad Type:

  • Premium Ad Listing
  • Picture Ads


  • ~5+ Players/Day
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Gold Plan




  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Forums
  • Email Campaigns
  • Google Post
  • YouTube

Ad Type:

  • Premium Ad Listing
  • Picture Ads
  • Video Ads


  • ~10+ Players/Day
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On a budget?

We know for small servers sometimes even the Iron plan can be a bit costly. If you have a small budget, please feel free to contact us and we can make a custom plan that fits your budget!