Slime Society

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Minecraft Version 1.16.4
Owner AgentIce

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Slime Society

Welcome to Slime Society!

Slime Society aims to be a "PG"- or "minor-friendly" server. We try our best to keep players entertained with content, encourage town building, teaming, grouping and generally more togetherness.
We love to customize things a lot. We know all too well what it is like to get bored by minecraft servers that stopped adding content or dont offer much to begin with. Vanilla is not our style, we love action!

Slime Society, to us, means a new beginning. A new era, the rising of kingdoms made by players for players. We want to keep the promise we made to the community: to give the people a voice and hear them out, consider their suggestions, take note of their opinions and care for them, because without the players, there is no server.
Our player base is very small, which means there is plenty of room for you and all your friends ;)

We hope you stop by for a visit!

[Owner] SilverCore (formerly AgentIce) &
[Owner] MidnightCore (formerly PaintGlue)