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creative, survival, parkour, minigames, plots,

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Welcome to The CookieDO Network!

The CookieDO Network is a group of servers with one goal; to create an experience that you and your friends will remember for a lifetime.
CookieDO is different, we want you to have a good time, we want you to feel like you belong, we want you to stay, and most importantly we want you to WANT to be here. The success of the CookieDO Network relies solely on the happiness of our players, and we hope you enjoy your time here as much as we enjoy having you.
Currently, we are expanding, but we have;

- Whitelisted Vanilla (which you apply for on the website)
- Creative
- Minigames (Coming soon)
- Parkour (Coming soon)

We might be in the middle of an expansion, but that\'s the best time to join-- and we can not wait to see you there!

Join hundreds of other players at The CookieDO Network!