Privacy Policy

PUSCraft collects personal information when using paid and free advertisements for your minecraft server listing. Information that is collected may be one or more of the following:

PUSCraft does not sell or share collected information to any third party other than Paypal for billing purposes, we respect our customers privacy. PUSCraft is not responsible for the way Paypal uses your information. For information on Paypal's Privacy Policy visit here.

PUSCraft allows you to have complete control over your information stored in our servers.
You may at any time delete your information after the following conditions are met:

If these conditions are not met, you may not yet delete your information through deleting/closing your account with PUSCraft.

PUSCraft may use your information in the following ways:

Refund Policy

All payments made to PUSCraft for paid advertisements are final and cannot be refunded past the grace period. In the event of scheduling a Premium Position, you are given a grace period of 1 days to cancel your position before the payment is processed and premium advertisements are scheduled. Failure to cancel your payment during the grace period cannot be refunded.

For futher support, you may email us through Support.