Account Information

Each account may have up to a total of 3 server listings. You may not list a server more than once.

You are able to change your username, email, password and notification settings in the Settings page.

Any information that you wish to delete from PUSCraft will be gone the moment you delete your account moving forward. However some information may still be retained in backups held by PUSCraft before the date you deleted your account.

Premium Servers

In order to be listed under Premium Servers, you must contact us via the Support page. Select "Premium Servers"  from the drop down and paste the server URL that you own. We will contact you in return with further instructions.

To be listed as a Premium Server currently costs $30.00 USD per 30 days or $1/day. Listings are to be paid for the full 30 days and listings are processed after 1 day of payment. When the payment has been processed, you are no longer able to receive a refund after your server has been scheduled.

(System is subject to change over time)

Premium Servers are paid ads for server owners to be listed at the front page for 30 days. There are currently 5 spots available and servers are setup on a schedule. From the start date of your order, your listing will be posted for 30 days. After those 30 days the next server pending will be listed after yours is removed.

Note the position of the servers (1-5) mean nothing special, servers are scheduled at a certain spot based on next availability.

(System is subject to change in the future)